Welcome to Broadwitch Hauntfest


In 1924, nine year old Rose Masters disappears from her families annual Christmas party. Her parents Charles and Lillian, together with his mistress Evelyn are driven by anger and jealousy, they forbid
anyone to leave the Castle until they find out what happened to Rose.

Several years have passed, the Castles inhabitants and anyone who dared to enter, have been either murdered or suffered mysterious deaths. The only person left alive is Charles or so he thought, until his daughter Rose reveals herself to be deaths engineer. She had hidden herself away in the attic after feeling unloved and neglected, due to her fathers affair with Evelyn. Rose then embarked on a
murderous rampage of revenge.

The spirits in the Castle wouldn’t let the soul survivors rest, until they got their retribution. Rose
tormented by the malevolent spirits, hangs herself. The Castle was now at peace and Charles lived a reclusive life, surrounded by a handful of servants and distant relatives.

Aside from the battle of WW2 raging around them, the peace in the Castle continued until its
disturbance on 31st October 1940. Two teenagers gain access to the Castle via a broken window, they find a ouija board in the attic and decide to play. Little did they know the horrors they were about to unleash. Things that had been laid to rest, start to unravel.