Welcome to Broadwitch Hauntfest

The Edge takes you to the very brink of terror and plunges you into a place of eternal damnation. This Netherworld is inhabited by forsaken fiends who are on an everlasting quest to quench their insatiable thirst for blood, feeding from the victims slaughtered within its depths.

You’ll be overcome by the stench of putrid decomposing bodies, left in the catacombs by its vampiric occupants. As soon as these spectral beings pick up your scent, they are driven into a frenzy. They will hunt their prey through the eerie passageways of their lair until they can consume your life force. If they want to increase their number of the immortal clan, one venomous bite and you’ll be gripped with a mania for blood and be brought into the vampire fold.

Will you escape the undead that roam within its ancient, decaying walls or be forever entombed in purgatory.